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If you search for “law firm SEO expert” on Google’s search bar, you will see that there are many companies out there as well as freelancing professionals who claim that they can make a law firm website rank for its most relevant keyword. In fact, there are so many of them; you really can’t help but wonder how you can choose an SEO professional without burning yourself in the process.

Well, we have dealt with enough so-called experts of Search Engine Optimization to know that the best among them share some traits that set them apart. One of these traits is their confidence in an SEO audit. An audit takes a look at your website and determines what things are lacking and what things need to go as far as the items on your site are concerned. We have looked at different optimization companies in various niches, and all of them offer the same thing: A free audit on your website.

You should take advantage of this free offer since you are never obligated to sign a service contract. But just so you know, what you do with the information is two times, even three times, more important than the actual information that you get.

There are two aspects to SEO. One is website optimization and the second is authority building. The latter refers to different aspects of your site that have a direct effect on the rankings, including site speed, organized layout, valuable content, optimization of content and images. All these things directly affect the experience of your website visitor. This is the foundation of SEO. However, it is only 30% of your rankings. The rest is authority building.

Authority building is all about doing things that will tell people about your law firm and what it stands for. To that end, there is a constant need for social media activity, writing and distributing press releases, optimizing your presence on Google Local Plus, among others.

The real SEO experts understand that doing onsite optimization and authority building takes time and they will not mince words to tell you about it. The bad salesmen among those who do SEO will tell you they can make your website rank in less than a month.
While it is true that a website can surge to the top of the search engine results in record time, it can only be done with so-called black hat techniques that can get your site penalized. You don’t want that for your website.

What you want is for your site to have a solid foundation and for your law firm to be well-known locally. And so it goes, as you go about looking for an SEO expert, make sure to check out the track record and see client websites and their corresponding keywords. Call those customers to verify that the SEO expert you talked to is indeed their SEO expert. Also, ask them about their experience.

February 5, 2017 / Camila Stephens